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Ann Vargas
Caleb Rogers
Cha Davis
Chris Bivins
Chris Hyde
Christopher Gerber
Coco Edmunds (Blackburn)
Dan Drllevich
Dan Levin
Daniel Marcotte
Dean Floudaras
Diane Kurzyna
Dottie Freemantle
Douglas E. Smith
Elliott Night
Eric Osborne
Erik Cornelius
Gail Ramsey Wharton
George Kurzman
Greg Bartol
Harold Nelson
Heidi Favour
Helvi Smith
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Tuck Petertil
Wire Brush Shoe Wire Brush Shoe
Coat Hooks Shoe
Empire Oil Co. Chalkboard
State of Grace
The Wilderness Year

Matter! Gallery CLOSED
Art & Sustainability... Hung Together

We have really felt and appreciated the love you've shown Matter Gallery as we closed the doors and dissolved the LLC that was our heart and business. We are so thankful to each and everyone of you and we hope you will stick around as we figure out what we want to be when we grow up.

We turned out the lights and locked the door on the last day and we are sad but relieved. We have learned so much about retail and art and people that we think we can take that and become something really special that supports artists working in recycled/green materials. We are hibernating and incubating and making art now but we won't forget you all.

Watch the Facebook page for updates

With all our love and hope for your continued support.

This site will remain up awhile [but you won't be able to buy] to show our artists' fine and functional art made from reclaimed and sustainable materials. We represented more than 250 artists creating sculpture, paintings, furniture, lighting, jewelry, garden art, and metalwork.